Where Couples and Singles Share Mind, Body, and Experience

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are you open and what are your hours?

The Club is open every Friday and Saturday from 9pm till 4am. Couples, select single men, and single women are always welcome. 

Jasmine Shoppe is open during regular club hours. Please stop by to check out our unique erotica art & retail products. We look forward to serving you.

We greatly appreciate your advise & suggestions to help us improve our club. This club is for you and we value and appreciate  our members.

Where are you located?

We are located in Downtown New Orleans just off Canal Street & Common Street at:

Jasmine Private Club
213 Baronne Street
New Orleans, La. 70112

Why should I join?

You get a chance to meet other open minded people face to face and in person. When you meet others online you never know exactly what to expect and it can be hit or miss. We offer a great atmosphere with cool music, free soft drinks & snacks, fun activities, and much more!

How do you join the club?

Just visit us during club hours (Fri. & Sat. 9pm till 4am) and we will get you signed up. It only takes a few minutes to check in at the front desk. You do not need prior approval or sign up in advance to become a member.

You must be 21 or older to join. Bring a photo ID to verify age. Certain restrictions apply.

How much does it cost to visit the club for non members for one night?

The door / temp. (one night / weekend) membership fees for non members are:

Couples - $60.00
Single Men - $90.00
Single Ladies - $10.00

Price includes a temp. one night / weekend membership.
If you visit the next day you will just pay the member door fees.

How much is it to become a regular member of the club? Door /  User fees are extra.

Three months - $40.00
Six Months - $60.00
One Year - $100.00

The membership fees for single women:

Three Months - $20.00

Current female members have unlimited visits for free!

How much does it cost to visit the club for current members?

Door / User fees per visit for current members are as follows:

Couples - $40.00
Single Men - $70.00
Single Ladies - Free

What about parking? 

There are several parking options available close to the club including street parking, parking lots &  garages. Parking meters on the street are free after 7pm until 6am. Please read the posted signs to prevent parking tickets & tows

What is your policy on single men?

Single men are always allowed if accompanied by a couple or single female. Select single men are welcome to join us during regular club hours on Fridays and Saturdays. However, we reserve the right to limit the number of single men admitted to the club depending on the number of couples and / or single females that are on the premises. Single Men are not allowed to enter some play areas unless invited to do so by a female or a couple. We work hard to have the right mix and balance in the club for all of our members to have a great experience. 

Do you sell alcohol?

No, but you are free to bring your own. We provide free juice, soft drinks, & bottled water. We also have plenty of ice, cups, straws and we can keep your bottle chilled while you play. 

What is your dress code?

We prefer smart casual. No tank tops, baseball caps, flip flops, or cut-offs. Please dress to impress! However, ladies are welcome to dress as sexy as they want! 

Can I have a birthday party or celebrate a special event at the club?

Yes, we would love to host your special event or private party at our club at no extra cost! We can even arrange for a cake or special treats if you plan ahead. Call or email us for more information.

What is your policy regarding aggressive or illegal behavior?

We love our members and they are an amazing group! However, we will not tolerate aggressive behavior or any illegal activity under any circumstance. Jasmine Club reserves the right to remove anyone that does not follow our rules or acts inappropriately. Jasmine Club also has the right to deny entry to anyone whether single (male or female) or couple for any misconduct. 

Is indoor smoking allowed? Cigarette smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the club. You are welcome to step outside to smoke anytime throughout the evening. This allows us to maintain a clear atmosphere for all of our members.  
What about Cigar and Pipe Smoking? Cigar and pipe smoking is prohibited throughout the entire club.

Do you allow cell phones / cameras inside the club?
Cameras and cell phones with cameras are not allowed to be used inside the premises.
They must be turned off during your visit to protect the privacy of all members.

Call (504) 585-1870

Jasmine Private Club
213 Baronne Street
New Orleans, La. 70112


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